Alto Adige sparkling wine: Multifaceted Aroma with Elegant Pearls

Méthode Champenoise: Sparkling Wine Quality at the Highest Level

As early as around 1900, there was a winery in Appiano making the first Alto Adige sparkling wine from Riesling grapes. After several decades, the tradition of sparkling wine production is experiencing a new flourishing in Alto Adige and, as the supreme discipline of the Association of Alto Adige sparkling wine producers, it is strictly regulated. Only first-class grape material of controlled origin (DOC) of the base wine varieties of Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, and Pinot Noir may be used for the production of Alto Adige sparkling wine.

 It is produced according to the strict classic method of sparkling wine production. One of the special features of this is the secondary fermentation, which takes place directly in the bottle. In order to optimally continue the fermentation process, every bottle must have its position changed constantly. An eighth of a turn, a quarter turn, a half turn, with a changing angle, at 12 degrees C. (54 degrees F.) cellar temperature, without the addition of artificial ingredients. The sparkling wine maker must allow the sparkling wine to mature naturally for a minimum of fifteen months, but most of them carry this out for two or three years or even longer. In that way, the wine can transform the fresh aromas and fine fruit acidity of the grapes into the supple pearls of Alto Adige sparkling wine without any time pressure. The enjoyment of sparkling wine at its finest.

“Continuing our success, initiating new projects but, above all and together with the other sparkling wine producers of Alto Adige who use the traditional method, turning our fine wines from a niche product into a major draw. This is my ambition for the next three years.”

Association of South Tyrolean sparkling wine producers

Pioneers, Visionaries, Specialists

Alto Adige sparkling wine: only 300,000 bottles are produced per year, made with great dedication and extensive labor by hand. Here we have the charismatic producers.