Heiner. Winery at the Heinrichshof

Natural wine from the heart of Bolzano

The Heinrichshof is only a 10-minute walk from the old town of Bolzano and offers, in addition to the residence with its old cellar vaults and the old church, vineyards on steep slopes as well as a wine cellar integrated under the vineyard.

The young winemaker and cellar master Heiner Oberrauch took over the winery in 2019 and since then has relied on sustainable agriculture and naturally developed pure wines that reflect the respective vintage and grape variety.

The vineyards directly on the farm are cultivated biodynamic and exclusively by hand and the entire processing and bottling of the wines takes place directly in the cellar, which is integrated on 3 levels below the vineyard.

The vineyards are mostly on steep slopes with a slope of up to 60% and are cultivated with the old Pergola-System as well as with the Guyot-System.
A special feature is the vineyard, which is right next door between the Talfer river and where the up to 80-year-old Lagrein vines grow on old double Pergolas.
Via Beato Arrigo 30, 39100, Bolzano
Phone +39 348 7496878

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Delivery service
"Making good wines can be so easy, you just have to do some good preparatory work in the vineyard and then you can let nature play in the cellar".
Heiner Oberrauch, young winemaker and cellar master
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