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The “Pfitscher Brut Riserva” Blanc de Noir is Found Only in the Best Wine Bars and Restaurants

A very unique, highly exclusive path is being followed by the Pfitscher Estate Winery in Montagna where sparkling wine production is concerned. Since 2014, the “Pfitscher Brut Riserva” is brought to the market every October – in a limited edition of only 1,500 bottles in sequentially numbered wooden crates.

In contrast to many of its relatives, the Brut Riserva from the house of Pfitscher is not a Blanc de Blancs, but rather a Blanc de Noir, and thus a white sparkling wine that is obtained from red grapes. Only Pinot Noir grapes that originate from the Gleno district of Montagna are vinified. At an elevation of 600 meters (2,000 feet) above sea level, this is not only one of the highest vineyards for Pinot Noir, it is also regarded by connoisseurs as the absolute top location.

What is clear is that the sparkling wine is produced at the Pfitscher Estate Winery according to the classic méthode champenoise, which requires a second fermentation in the bottle. What is conspicuous, though, is an extremely lengthy maturation period: the Brut Riserva lies on the yeast for five years, and during this time, it takes on tones of citrus and other fruits, a certain mineral-rich quality, a prominently elegant taste, and a great deal of freshness.

“With the help of my family, I wanted to produce a sparkling wine in which I play with the elegance of Pinot Noir,” explains Hannes Pfitscher, who is extremely satisfied with the results achieved. Because: “I love clear, linear, unsweetened wines,” he says. “They are like a mirror of reality.”
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“The most important thing for good cooperation is a common goal. For us, it is filling the glass with elegance, character, and the best that nature can offer.”
Klaus Pfitscher, senior manager at the Pfitscher Estate Winery
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