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What do they actually drink in Santa Maddalena?

Are you a wine connoisseur? Then we have a game for you! We’ll give youthe address of an estate winery and you tell us the grape varieties thatare planted there. Impossible, you think? Well, then let’s start withthe Steidlerhof in Bolzano. It can be found at via Santa Maddalena diSopra, 1. Now you’ve got it, right?

We thought so! In SantaMaddalena above Bolzano, it’s easy to pick up two points with the typesof grape varieties. After all, the wine which has made the name of thevillage renowned far beyond the borders of the province consists ofaround nine tenths Schiava and a small component of Lagrein.

Andin its assortment on offer, it goes without saying that the Steidlerhof– located at via Santa Maddalena di Sopra, 1, you will recall – has aclassic Santa Maddalena. But the Gasser family also brings other winesto the market. “We make a typical Sauvignon Blanc, for example, a dryYellow Muscat, a full-bodied Muscaris, and a velvety Lagrein,” explainsRudi Gasser, who runs the Steidlerhof today.

The Gasser familyhas provided the historical farmhouse with a broad foundation. Growinggrapes and making wine are not the only activity. Rather, the Gassersalso operate a Buschenschank farmhouse inn and rent out vacationapartments. Both are able to take advantage of the location of theSteidlerhof high above Bolzano and from the view that can be enjoyedhere: of the Dolomites, of the sea of houses of the provincial capital,and last but not least of the vineyards of Santa Maddalena.

And you know what’s growing there, right?
S. Maddalena di sopra 1, 39100, Bolzano
Phone +39 0471/973196
Delivery service
Delivery service
“In addition to the Santa Maddalena, we also grow, for example, a typical Sauvignon Blanc, a dry Yellow Muscat, a full-bodied Muscaris, and a velvety Lagrein.”
Rudi Gasser, winegrower at the Steidlerhof
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